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Trying out new fashion trends can be a lot of fun, but hard to do. Do a little research on the twee fashion trend. Reading a Wikipedia article should give you all the information that you need to know. Twee is a part of indie pop music that began in the ’80s. That’s where your inspiration should start. Look at the styles worn by the musicians of the time. When you feel like you’ve thoroughly immersed yourself in the culture of twee, then you can move on to the fun part, which is dressing up.

Twee music is fun, and that’s exactly how you want to dress. Big, chunky knitted pieces such as scarves, gloves, and hats are very popular in twee fashion, especially if they’re homemade or look like they are. Other pieces that you could incorporate into your look include brightly colored, loose cardigans, multicolored polka-dot patterns, colored tights or leggings, and anything with cartoon animals.

As for jewelry and hair accessories, pull inspiration from the styles you wore in kindergarten through the third grade. Seek out items like big hair ties, headbands, and barrettes for your hair. The same goes for jewelry. Think like a kid and have fun with it. Wear chunky necklaces, plastic rings, and again, anything that features animals.

Start small if you’re new to twee fashion. Incorporate a few bright colors and fun jewelry into your look before you completely jump into the twee trend. You don’t want the look to wear you. It’s all about looking cute and being yourself.