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Question: Where do you apply a liquid face highlighter?

Answer: A liquid face highlighter can give you a dewy complexion without looking shiny! It’s great for showing off your best features—like your eyes and your cheekbones. But how much do you need? What should you look for in a liquid highlighter?

The classic areas to highlight are around the outer eyes and along the cheekbones. Application around the eyes can be done with a  highlighter stick or pen. However, sticks and pens can be harder to blend due to their firmer consistency.

Though highlighters also come in pressed and loose powders, I prefer to use a liquid highlighter. Benefit’s High Beam (or Sun Beam for warmer complexions) has a precision applicator.


Though liquid highlighters are translucent, they stand out more than stick or powder highlighters. High Beam in particular has a pearly sheen, and can look downright scary if not used in moderation!

My best advice is to start small, and apply in small dots across your outer cheekbones and around the eyes. Blend with a triangular sponge, and also make sure to take a step back from the mirror to see how it looks from afar. You can keep building your highlight in small amounts, until you’ve gotten the look you want!

Extra tip: Apply a tiny amount just below the brow bone to open up the eyes and make them pop!