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What are some vacation outfit ideas for San Francisco?

Answer: How fun! San Francisco is a great vacation spot, especially in the summer. Now that you have everything booked, what will you wear? Here are some vacation outfit ideas that are perfect for San Fran:


Although San Francisco is located in the sunny state of California, the weather can be quite breezy and chilly since the city is between the ocean and the Central Valley. Harem pants are great for this type of weather. These pants are from Kohl’s and perfect for summer activities. They’re very lightweight and comfortable, and the cinching by the ankles allows for a variety of shoe options. Gladiator sandals were my choice for this occasion. However, add a cardigan or sweater to this look for San Francisco in case it gets chilly throughout the day.


I wore this  outfit to San Francisco two years ago. Pair colored pants like these from Target with a navy blue lace tank, a purple cardigan, a scarf, and some gladiator sandals. Because San Francisco is colder than other cities, a lot of people tend to wear jeans and other fall-weather clothing. This outfit keeps you warm while the bold colors give off a summery vibe.


If you’re like me and don’t get cold very easily, a romper is another option for you. Pair a romper with a lace cardigan like this one from Marshalls. The extra layers will keep you warm in case the weather turns for the worst. Try closed-toe shoes for San Francisco since feet are very sensitive to temperature. Add a pair of booties like I did, or slip into some trendy sneakers!


Remember the power of layers, which is the biggest tip for dressing in San Francisco. You never know what the weather will be like, so pack layers in case you need to shed or add some. You can always tie button-up shirts or jackets around your waist so that you don’t have to carry your layers around all day!


A scarf is a great accessory for a trip to San Francisco. Make your own scarf cardigan to add some personality to your outfit.

First, find a scarf that’s preferably large and square.


Second, tie two corners together. Repeat this step with the remaining two corners.


Third, slide your arms through the holes made from the ends you just tied.


Voilà! You and your cardigan are ready to hit the streets in style!



What are your favorite vacation outfit ideas? Leave a comment below!