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Question: What are some ways to wear overalls?

Answer: You might think its hard to fashionably pull off overalls, but believe me, you can!

First, you need to find the right fit. Don’t wear overalls that are too big or too tight! Choose a modern, flattering slim cut over baggier styles. Second, after you’ve found the perfect pair of overalls, throw on some layers. Put a black and white striped t-shirt on underneath your overalls, or wear a long sleeve shirt depending on the season. For a more sophisticated feel, pop on a blouse! Adding a jacket or blazer on top is also a great way to give your look some needed structure. Make sure to wear some accessories so that your overalls don’t look so lonely. And third, just be confident in whatever you put on. If you’re confident, your outfit will look that much more amazing!

Overalls never really go out of fashion and can be worn during any season with the right accessories. Instead of faded or indigo denim, choose a pair  in an eye-catching color like red or purple. Mix different colors together for a bold look. Also try overalls in different materials like leather. The style might seem out of the ordinary, but it can look incredible. The good thing about overalls is that they’re the perfect fit for a casual day out, but are also a great option for dressing up!

Overalls make a striking fashion statement. Have a go and try something new that’s out of your comfort zone!

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