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Question: How can I wear a hoodie without looking lazy?

Answer: Ah, the hoodie: protecting heads and making girls look badass since day one. While it may not seem like it to you, a hoodie is a very versatile piece of clothing. It’s functional and stylish, which makes it the perfect wardrobe staple. To wear a hoodie without looking lazy, pay attention to simple styling.

Layer it up

Donning just a hoodie pullover can be construed as simple laziness, which is why you should include other pieces in your look to dress it up. Wear a button-down shirt underneath your hoodie, or a vest, trench, or blazer over it. Layers instantly add a polished element to your outfit.

Be graphic

Sometimes the most dull thing about a hoodie is that it blends in. Consider investing in a hoodie with subtleor not so subtlegraphic embellishments and prints. An interesting pattern will instantly take your look from sloppy to swoon-worthy.


Any basic piece in a wardrobe is only as strong as the accessories that adorn it. Statement necklaces and earrings, leggings, waist-cinching belts, hats, and high-heeled shoes are all fashionable accessories that can take your hoodie to the next level of style.

Think outside the box

Maybe the lazy-factor you get from wearing a hoodie comes from the type of hoodie itself. From denim and mesh fabrics to funnel necks and sequin accents, there are so many different kinds of stylish hoodies out there that say, “I’m put together,” instead of, “where’s the nearest bed?”

How do you rock a hoodie?