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Question: How do I wear eyeliner if I have deep set eyes?


Deep set eyes: creating makeup trouble for girls everywhere. Don’t worry, there are plenty of celebrities with deep set eyes who still rock eyeliner on the red carpet and on a day-to-day basis. You’re not alone!

Practice makes perfect

Make sure you know how to apply eyeliner correctly. Let’s be serious, makeup is an art and like any other skill, it takes practice. You might be a pro when it comes to liquid liner, but perhaps you struggle with gel or pencil products. Perfect your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Practice will help you figure out what works best for you.

Don’t know where to begin? I started wearing eyeliner six years ago with help from Michelle Phan’s eyeliner tutorial video, here.

Eyeliner for deep set eyes

Since you have deep set eyes, precision is key. You want to create a thin line starting from your inner eye, which gradually gets thicker towards the outer edge. A cat-eye works as well because it creates the same thin-thick effect that won’t overpower your eyes, but will compliment them instead.

If you’re a beginner, use a felt tip eyeliner pen for your cat-eye. If not, use a fine tip brush and pot because they allow you to make a perfect line.

Want to really bring out your eyes? Don’t just stop at eyeliner! Mascaras that add volume and length make your eyes appear wider and brighter. But, beware of clumping because that only makes your eyes look smaller.

Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are the must-haves in your beauty arsenal needed to rock makeup the right way. Smudging makes your eyes appear droopy, which is not what you’re going for, especially with deep set eyes.

Work with your natural eyes, not against them. Go ahead, break out the eyeliner and start practicing! Soon you’ll be on your way to rocking eyeliner just like Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, and your other sisters with deep set eyes. Why should they be the only ones who get to look good?

What are some of your eyeliner tips?