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Back when I was applying for internships and jobs, I remember being just as stressed about what to wear for the interview as I was about the actual interview itself! Fortunately, there are some classic go-to items for such an occasion. Check out these tips on how to dress for a job interview:


I personally love wearing dresses to work. Because a dress is one single piece, it eliminates a lot of the guess work that comes with trying to find the perfect combination of a matching top, pant, and blazer. Make sure you choose a dress that’s sophisticated. Keep in mind that  you don’t want to reveal too much skin because it may distract the interviewer or come across as unprofessional. This little J. Crew dress is perfect for a job interview! Throw on a tasteful statement necklace and a pair of small diamond or pearl studs to accessorize this look.

Feminine Suits

If you ask any boss or hiring manager what they would like their applicants to wear during a job interview, their first response would probably be a suit! Business suits are the epitome of a professional, pulled-together ensemble and they’re a great investment if you plan to work in an office with a formal dress code. The trick to sporting a suit that’s both feminine and flattering is to make sure that it’s tailored to your body. Keep your accessories simple with stud earrings and a simple necklace.

A Practical Heel

If you aren’t comfortable in heels, a job interview is not the time to break out your first pair of stilettos! Go with a cute pair of flats like these. If you do wear heels, stick with a practical pair. It’s best to leave the sexy, towering platform shoes at home. Nude heels are usually a safe bet because they match just about everything

A Smile!

And, of course — you’re never fully dressed without one of these! Be happy and confident; you’ve got this, girl!