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Question: What is the best way to wear a midi skirt?

Answer: Great question! Midi skirts are so on-trend right now, but being that it’s not as familiar as mini’s or maxi’s, it can be tricky balancing the structure of a top with a midi skirt bottom. That being said, it really all comes down to the shape of the midi skirt.

If you have a more full, voluminous skirt, it’s best to pair it with slim-fit silky blouses or other kinds of fitted tops that can be tucked into the skirt — this allows the smallest part of your waist to be contrasted against the poofiness of the skirt!

Here’s a great example from a look on Pixie Market:

When choosing what to pair with a midi skirt, don’t forget to balance out the pattern, texture, and colors of the top. For example, solid colored skirts go best with printed tops, and vice versa. Here’s another example from a look from ASOS:

When you have a more bodycon shaped, fitted midi — the same rules apply. Here’s a great example from a pinterest post.

Keep in mind that it’s important to always wear heels when you’re rocking a midi skirt, as it will be accentuate your curves and lift your figure!