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Question: What should I wear to a rave?

Answer: Raves are better than most other parties—they’re full of neon, flowers, crazy outfits, and some of the outfits are absolutely incredible! Personally, I love the flower child girls, mermaid themed outfits, and all the shirtless guys.

Sometimes raving can be more about the outfits than the music, and that has nothing to do with the fact that I have no idea how to dance to house music…or maybe it does. But let’s get back to the outfits. A few outfits commonly spotted at raves are tutus, mesh tops, lots of flowers (both on their heads and on their bras), and spandex booty shorts. I’ve also noticed that fanny packs are huge at raves! Which is actually pretty rad if you ask me—I used to love fanny packs in grade school but never thought that’d make me want to wear them as an adult. If I ever go to a rave, I’m taking a fanny pack!

If you can’t find a mermaid/ocean themed outfit, buy this bra from PasseDesigns! It’s super cute and afford compared to other custom made outfits. RunTheCraft has loads of cute bras at their Etsy shop as well. You can find embellished bras, fancy bras, or fantasy bras. Here’s my fave:

rave outfit

This pink and floral outfit is from LAS Creations—they have so many cute little outfits that will fill your tutu, floral, or custom needs.

rave outfit

Pinterest has many boards with designs that you’d never think of! Outfits inspired/themed by Disney princesses, such as Jasmine and Tiana and Queen Elsa from Frozen, even Tinkerbell, Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, Sailor Moon, Esmeralda, and a mermaid outfit!! But I honestly might have to trade in my obsession with mermaids and get the Lilo outfit, that’s too cute to pass up!