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Question: What do I wear to a rodeo?

Answer: So, you’re going to a rodeo?! Yeehaw! You’re probably asking yourself, “What the heck do I wear to a rodeo?!” I can hear the proverbial fashion wheels beginning to churn in your head. Speaking personally as an Arizona desert lizard, the rodeo can and does happen frequently in these here parts ;). Many rodeo folk will sport a fresh pair of tight blue jean Wranglers, a plaid shirt, and don’t forget those cowboy boots.

However, as an avid fashionista, that just doesn’t cut it for me! If you’re going to a rodeo, I am going to guess it’s probably pretty warm out—therefore, I recommend a great pair of denim shorts. They are comfortable, easy to sit down in, and will keep you much cooler throughout the show.

Another rodeo must-have is a nice, large, sun hat. I am way too girly to be sporting a cowboy hat, so I would opt for a large, brimmed hat with some fashion flare. Think Kentucky Derby without all the feathers and birds protruding out.

I would go with something simple, like this hat:

Another rodeo essential is a great, comfortable pair of cowboy boots. Whether you have real leather or faux, these boots look the part—not to mention they’re also super comfortable and easy to walk in. When it’s really hot, opt for a bootie style cowboy boot. Either way, you will fit right in!

As far as tops go, personally, I recommend something that is cool. This could be a breezy tank, crop top, or a short-sleeved shirt.

One thing I want to make a note of: Wear something sweat proof!

When I feel great, I have more fun. Enjoy the rodeo!

Speaking as a girl that seems to sweat a lot, I would recommend wearing white or black, staying away from anything bright that covers my underarms. This way, my sweat is discreet and flying under the radar!

Accessories are always a girl’s best friend. There may not be too many women sporting some fancy jewels or big sunglasses at the rodeo, but there is no reason why other girls can’t wear them loud and proud! Wear a thick belt, fun statement necklace, big earrings, and a great pair of oversized sunnies!

For me, when I look great, I feel great.