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Question: How do I wear silk shorts?

Answer: As you fashionistas already know, those silky, flowy, patterned shorts are a big trend this spring. They’re comfortable, (sometimes even worn to bed…that is, if you’re me) stylish, and come in literally hundreds of different colors and patterns. They range from affordable to high-end, genuine silk duds. They can be styled up or down effortlessly, and one pair can be worn in a variety of different ways. But, the question remains: how do I keep them from entering pajama territory? Don’t let the possibility scare you—go ahead and pick up those silky shorts you’ve been lusting over, (but worrying that you’ll look half dressed in) because I’m going to tell you how to work them the right way.

The formal silky short
You’re probably wondering how this style of short can be dressed that far up. Well, finding the right pattern is key. A few minutes of digging through piles and flipping through racks can earn you a Moschino-esque patterned pair of these babies, which can be effortlessly dressed up against a crisp blazer and flow-y blouse. In addition, many purposefully dressy styles of these sleek shorts are out there, most of which come with a ribbon-style belt or high waist. This style tends to be solid colored, and can easily be dressed up with an embellished tank or chiffon top tucked into the waistband. Top it all off with a few choice accessories and a fabulous heel, wedge, or flat and you’re good to go.

The casual silky short
In addition to being so easy to style, these shorts are also effortlessly chic. No longer will leggings and a sweatshirt be the go-to for those busy days. You can now be comfier and cuter than ever. Throw on a pair of your favorite silkies—patterned, chiffon, real silk, or solid—and top them with a complimenting neon-hued blouse, tank or long-sleeved crew neck. You can also pair your silkies with a complimenting high-low style shirt, which allows the pattern of the shorts to peek out just enough to give you that effortlessly-thrown-together look that every girl deserves (even on those off-days). Add in a pair of gladiators, flats or booties, twirl up a top knot, and you’ll be the envy of every legging-wearing, sweatshirt-donning girl. Going out in the evening? Switch out those sandals for a pair of your favorite heels, throw on a chambray shirt, add some jewelry and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

What do you think of silk shorts?