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You’re going to see one of the greatest entertainers of the twenty-first century in concert. I can see the reason you are having trouble deciding what to wear. I was in your shoes just a few weeks ago when I attended the Holy Grail of all concertspun intended. So, I believe I have the answer to your needling style question. Here are some ideas on what to wear to a Beyonce concert:

Dress for Yoncé

Think of the mood and theme of the concert, as well as the entertainer in question. Go from there. When choosing your outfit, ask yourself, “What would Yoncé wear?” 

Keep your accessories simple

With all of the jumping, dancing, and walking that you’ll be doing all night, it’s best to keep the bulky, long, and loose accessories to a minimum. They’ll only weigh you down and tie you up. Make accessories like shorter statement necklaces and cross-body bags your best friends for the evening.

Choose comfort above all else

It’s tempting to wear the highest heels and the shortest skirt you own for that big night out, but the fact is, it’s going to a long night. That means that those cute, yet impractical items will look awesome in your pre-game pictures, but will feel unbearable by the time you finally make it home. Hemlines that ride up, too-tight tops, and uncomfortable heels should be left in your closet. The amount of people walking home from the concert with their heels in hand will serve as proof that comfort is key.

A real life example

And last but not least, If you want a real life example, here’s what I wore to the On The Run Tour in Baltimore.

Concerts are a great opportunity to flaunt your style. What would you wear to a Beyonce concert?