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Question: What are some tips for wearing a chambray shirt?

Answer: Chambray was a hot trend in our parents’ generation, but it’s making a major comeback. There are so many different pieces you can wear to dress up the classic chambray. Who wouldda thunk that a denim button down could be so cute? Here are some tips to re-vamp the chambray and make all your friends have some serious style envy:

  1. Try pairing your chambray with a cardigan. You can either roll the sleeves up or leave them down, but either way, throwing a classic sweater into the mix is an effortless way to spice up your look.
  2. While the cardigan is a more casual piece to wear over a chambray shirt, blazers can add a more chic look and are totally unique with a denim top. Whether classic black or bright and vibrant, blazers and chambray are the new perfect combo.
  3. While sometimes chambray and jeans can look like a denim disaster circa Justin and Britney at the 2001 AMA’s, a denim ensemble works if you make sure that you keep the washes opposite. For instance, choose a light, faded wash for the chambray and a deep denim for your jeans. To play it even more safe (and a bit trendier), choose a pair of colored skinnies or printed pants to compliment your chambray.
  4. Button-downs buttoned all the way up are a new trend giving a nod to nerd-chic. Try buttoning all the way up to the top button and throwing in a statement necklace that falls right at the collarbone for a perfect twist to the classic chambray.
  5. Full miniskirts are super hot this season and add more of a femme touch to replace the old and tired skin-tight micro-mini. Tuck a chambray shirt into a full mini (if you’re really daring, try a leather skirt!) and take that denim to a whole new level.
  6. Chambrays are usually worn alone or as an undershirt, but you can totally switch things up by wearing the chambray as an over-shirt! Keep it unbuttoned over a printed collared shirt.
  7. Another trend that’s hot right now? Lacey, tiered shorts. Tuck a chambray shirt into a pair of these babies (ivory often looks best) for a flirty touch.
  8. Lastly, (although there are so many different ways to wear chambray, the possibilities are endless!) vests are also an easy way to transform the classic chambray shirt. I recommend an olive cargo vest, faux fur or a puffy vest for a rugged outdoors-y look.

Get the look:

Long sleeve chambray shirt (Nordstrom, $68)

So, are you taking back the chambray trend?