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Question: I’ve gained weight around my tummy area – how can I conceal this?

Answer: I am sure we have all struggled with extra weight at some point in our lives, and the mid-section is usually the target. When there’s not enough time for working out, or if results aren’t coming quick enough, you might vouch for shape wear — after all, it will seamlessly smooth and support your stomach. But although you’re getting smooth garment lines, you’re basically wearing a tight girdle and you’re probably feeling restricted. It is summer time, and who needs the extra layers? Try these styling tricks and be comfortable.

Things to Avoid

Tight fitting  – Garments that are tight will emphasize your stomach.

Tucking – Wearing your shirt in your pants will draw attention to your waistline.

Extra fabric –  Unnecessary fabric around the waistline, such as pockets, can appear bulky and will add extra weight.

Mid Section Detailing – Avoid patterns and detailing near your mid-section, as it will draw attention to your waistline.

Long accessories  – Avoid long necklaces that hang close to your mid-section. Steer clear from belts, as well.

Things to Try

Loose Top – A shirt or cami that’s loose can be paired with a blazer or long cardigan. A peplum top doesn’t cling and can be unforgiving.

Empire Waist – This accentuates the thinnest part of your body. You can choose from blouses, dresses, or high waisted trousers.

Rushing/Draping – Shirts or dresses that have some rushing or draping will help take the attention away from your stomach. Vouch for a wrap dress.

Shoulder Detailing – Shirts or dresses with detailing will broaden your shoulders and help take attention from your mid section.

Color Blocking – Dresses with color blocking incorporated will create a thin waistline.

Hem Lines – A longer hem helps to elongate the body. Try a hem right by or below the knees.

Statement Accessories – A scarf or a necklace short in length will help keep the attention at your neckline.

Darker Colors – Dark hues such as black help with the slimming effect.