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Question: What do I pair mint with?

Answer: These days, the color mint is everywhere. It seems as if you cannot open a single magazine without seeing a color feature on it! Luckily, it happens to be pretty versatile, and there are a plethora of ways you can rock this color.

For summer, I love pairing my mint t-shirt with a pair of white jeans. This is an effortless, no-fail combo that seamlessly combines an of-the-moment trend with a tried-and-true classic. However, if you’ve never tried this color before, I suggest first debuting it on your nails. It’s easy to do, quickly removable, and that way you will know immediately whether or not the color is flattering. My favorite mint-y nail polish is Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple”.

Like I said, this is a very versatile hue. The muted green tones in this color look gorgeous with fuchsia if you want to go bold. Floral prints also look great with mint. One of my favorite looks is a mint green sundress or skirt paired with a floral blazer. You’ll look extremely chic and put-together.

Let’s also not forget about black! Mint and black are another fabulous color pairing. It is also probably the easiest, given that most people (if not everyone) have at least one black piece of clothing in their closet. Toss a mint t-shirt over a black skirt, or even under a black blazer, and you’re good to go.

However, my absolute favorite way to wear mint is in your jeans. There are so many great mint-colored jeans out there for summer, you would be be hard-pressed not to find a flattering pair. These are wonderful to have, given the versatility of the color, they will very quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Plus, as much as I love the classics, they are an easy transition from white or otherwise pastel-colored summer jeans.

As I said above, mint is a fabulous color and very easy to style. Pair it with pink, black, white; either way you’re going to look great. Now go blow ’em away with your fabulous outfit!