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What is face essence?

Answers: Essences are the latest and greatest skincare product—they’re water-based and full of moisture. Women in Asia have been using this incredible product and started this trend that’s now sweeping across the US.  Even though it’s super light and doesn’t look any different than water, it packs a pretty mean punch in treating your skin to a hydrating sensation.

The beauty of essences is that they aren’t thick or oily like some moisturizing products, but actually extremely light and absorbent. Instead of rubbing essences into the skin like a moisturizer, it’s actually pressed with the pads of your fingers lightly section-by-section. The reason they work so well? Anti-aging ingredients are said to be more effective when they’re submersed in liquid. The products don’t sit on top of your skin, but instead soak deeply to create some serious moisture.

Essences often include the ingredient, Pitera, which causes the skin to produce organic acids that speed up cell-turnover. This helps skin to be healthier and repair more quickly, so you can say goodbye to dry, damaged skin!

It’s important to note that your top layer of skin (or the epidermis), often loses water. So even though the essences are helping the moisture soak deep into the skin, the top layer still needs a little help. Because of this, you should still use your favorite oil-free moisturizer after using the essences. The relationship is a bit of a give-and-take, though, because by keeping the top layer moisturized, the essences will in turn absorb better.

If you’re looking to try this incredible new product yourself, check out these products:

SK-II Pitera Essence Set–this set helps re-vamp the skin’s renewal cycle and  improve clarity for beautiful, glowing skin.

Dior Hydralife Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence–for hydrated skin and the natural production of collagen, this essence is a must have. It’s said to continuously work for 24 hours and deliver a steady, intense flow of moisture to the skin.

Having supple, youthful and moisturized skin is a beauty staple, and even though this is another step to add to your (already full) beauty regimen, essences may be the new fountain of youth. It’s also a relief to find something that isn’t super-thick like a mask. It can be worn underneath makeup and do all the hard work for you all day long.

Have you tried this beauty trend out yet? What did you think?