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What’s a great  smokey eye alternative?

Answer: The smokey eye is the perfect look for a sultry, dramatic evening look—but mastering the smokey eye can be tricky, and sometimes you’ll want to shake things up a bit. Lucky for us, there are a ton of fun and creative alternatives to the classic smokey eye. If you’re looking to change up your eye makeup, try these funky makeup trends!

Electric blue is one of the hottest colors this spring. Although it’s not a traditional makeup hue, playing around with electric blue can highlight your eyes and create a fun, unexpected look for day or night.

If you’re going for a colorful cat eye, swipe some electric blue liquid liner over your lids. If you’ve yet to master the art of the cat eye, the same effect can be created by dusting some bright blue eyeshadow up to the crease of your eyelid. For something a little more subdued, try some blue mascara; it’s super easy to apply and will add a pop of color to a casual daytime look.

Another cool alternative to the smokey eye is the sparkle smudge. The sparkle smudge is a unique and easy-to-pull-off look that’s great for a night out. Start off by lining your upper lid and inner rims with a black gel pencil liner. Use your finger to smudge the liner on your upper lid, but be sure not to go past the crease.

Once your lid is smudged, take your (clean) finger and dab some sparkly eyeshadow over the smudge and up to your crease. You can use a small eyeliner brush to dust some glitter onto your lower line as well. After a few swipes of mascara, you’ll have the perfect look for a night out!

The cut crease is definitely a tricky trend to master, but when done correctly, looks just as dramatic and sexy as a smokey eye. Start off with an eyeshadow primer and a base color on your lids. Using an eyeliner pencil, draw a crease line starting at the outer corner of your eye and back over your crease. Use a brush to smudge the top of your crease line, then add some dark shadow over the top of your liner and on your lower eyelid. Finally, apply some liquid liner to create a cat eye and you’re done!

The smokey eye will always be our favorite go-to look for a girl’s night out. But now that you have some more options, you can experiment with color and shadows for an unexpected (and chic) look!

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    i’ll have to try this!