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Question: What am I supposed to wear to yoga class?

Answer: Yoga is one of the most rejuvenating forms of exercise out there—it can boost your immune system, help you sleep, and it can even relax your body. So, what should you wear for this glorious meditation session? Well, yoga pants are typically the best option. Yes, I’ve tried it all: shorts, leggings, and yoga pants. With shorts, they kind of flopped around and I was paranoid about showing too much skin. And the leggings? They were just a little too low, if ya know what I mean. Go figure—yoga pants really are the best for yoga. Now, if you’re seriously into yoga, you could go with a brand like lululemon or Beyond Yoga. These brands are pretty expensive but their material is ridiculously soft and light-weight. But let’s be real, one can get a perfectly good pair of yoga pants just about anywhere. I found the cutest pair at Macy’s for only twenty bucks…yeah, amazing. Oh, and they’re also really cute.

As for the top, you could always go with a cute sports bra—but if you want to cover up a tad bit more, go for a simple yoga tank. Again, you could get a super-fancy expensive one, or you could get an equally cute (and cheaper) tank like this one from H&M. I’d recommend wearing a sports bra under the tank to keep it all in!

Above all, dress comfortably. You don’t want your outfit ruining that workout mojo of yours, so do what’s best for you. Take the time to figure out what you love.