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It can be tricky putting together the perfect outfit. After all, there are so many components that need to simply work with one another. Your statement pants are already a statement, therefore there’s no need to throw on a statement purse and vice versa. Minimalist purses are great when you want to add some flair without over-doing your outfit in its entirety. Here are 3 minimalist purses that you should be paying attention to:

1. Quilted Cross-body Bag

I love quilted cross-body bags because they’re a spin-off the classic cross-body bag. The quilted pattern adds texture to your look. Also, since the bag does not have a busy print, it is easy to integrate into your outfit!

This black cross-body would look great paired with black harem pants, a white chiffon blouse, and some black caged sandals. It’s also versatile and can be used on a casual day ’round the town, or for girls’ night out.

2. The White Bag

I personally think that white bags are the epitome of perfection. Their white color provides a crisp, clean, fresh new look that will pull together any outfit with ease. White goes well with practically everything. A white bag is like the topper of a wedding cake; the star of the show. The one essential piece that will transform your outfit and look effortlessly chic.


White bags are also perfect for those pop-of-color outfits. Pair a white bag with a white lace inset tank top and some red jeans!

3. The Tassel Bag

The addition of a tassel really gives bags the ‘minimalist’ label. The blue bag below offers two faux zippers in the front, with two small tassels. It can also be worn as a hand-held, or as a shoulder bag. The tassels give the bag some added flair without making the bag too over-the-top.



There are many other viable contenders for minimalist purses. Essentially, any bag that does not have a busy pattern can be considered a minimalist bag.

What’s your favorite minimalist purse?