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When you think about it, your winter jacket is really one of the most important elements of your cold-weather wardrobe.

Of course, its main purpose is to keep you warm and the likelihood of you peeling it off while around town (like you would during the warmer seasons) is slim to none. That is why it’s so important to take careful consideration when choosing your winter jacket. After all, this particular piece in your closet becomes front and center for all winter activities — so it only makes sense that you invest in not only quality, but variety, too!

It can be tough (and oftentimes very overwhelming) to narrow down a choice when it comes to outerwear. There are so many styles to choose from, not to mention a crazy variety of textures, prints, colors and fabrics. Where does one even begin?

There are a few things to consider, and since we likely don’t have the budget to afford them all, below is a layout of the top three winter jackets to consider for this year:

3 Winter Jackets to Consider This Season

The Classic Puffer

They are not always the most stylish piece of your wardrobe, but you can’t deny that a quality puffer jacket is essential to surviving the cold weather blues. For those days when the weather is particularly unkind, the puffer acts as the first defense against the crisp, cool air. It’s warm and as its name suggest it “puff’s out” acting like a barrier between the climate and your body. The puffer also works well for family activities spent outside like finding the perfect tree for the holidays, or standing on a sidewalk waiting for a parade to begin. If you can’t find a stylish enough option, dress it up with accessories. You’d be surprised what a decent scarf will do to a drab-looking jacket.

3 Winter Jackets to Consider This Season

The Timeless Pea Coat

When in doubt, it’s all about the pea coat. I am willing to bet you already have this beauty in your closet because it’s a no-brainer and as I suggested — timeless. This jacket is perfect for so many reasons, but its main win is the fact that it can work for nearly any situation. Want to feel a little more dressed up? Pea coat! The weather cool, but not freezing? Pea coat! It just works so well you can’t help but fall in love with it. And, as fashion has evolved so has this classic piece. Nowadays, you can purchase pea coats in all kinds of lengths, fitted or loose or with added accessories like belts and hoods. There is also no limit to patterns, textures and color. Of course, basic black will go with everything but camel is oh-so-in this year.


The Elevated Cape

If ever there was a jacket to elevate your look, the cape would be it. It may not be the first option for most, but it’s undeniably stylish so for that gal who wants to make a statement this is the jacket to covet. The cape works like a blanket and varies in cut. Some are made to simply drape over your shoulders, while others have sleeves or cut-out sections for your arms to peak through. This jacket certainly feels like the one to grab when you need to dress up (hello holiday parties!), however, it’s also the perfect choice if you are the kind of person who simply wants to stand out in the crowd. And, let’s be real — who doesn’t?