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Winter is the worst season for my skin. Suffering from eczema, my skin becomes dry, scaly, and very unappealing. Low temperatures evaporate the natural moisture of the skin, causing your skin tone to look uneven. Eck! Nothing is worse than dealing with dry, uneven skin.

If you are suffering from dry, sensitive, uneven skin this winter, then I have some tips for you on how to combat these symptoms to achieve long-lasting healthy skin. These tips definitely works for me, and I hope they work for you as well!


Build a Skincare Routine

To combat dry skin during any season, you need to build a skincare routine that is specifically made for your skin type. For my dry skin, natural and organic skincare products works best for me. It helps restore moisture into my skin, as well as repair the broken areas. It also helps even my skin tone and helps me achieve a smoother complexion. Not all skincare products are one size fits all! So experiment, and see what works for you.


Do you know the old saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, the same rule applies to your skin. What you put in it, reflects the health of your skin. Eating healthy is the best way to gain your daily vitamins. For people on the go, multivitamins are a great way to fill in the gaps. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere for Your Skin

Invest in a humidifier for your home. A humidifier will create warm air to help restore moisture into your skin. A humidifier is also a soothing way to de-puff any redness or irritation on your skin, as well as open pores to get rid of toxins.


Stress is your skin’s worst enemy. Too much stress can cause irritation, dryness, and peeling. I had moments where I was stressed out all the time; work, school, dealing with constant bills and financial struggles, family, etc. I never had any time for myself, which caused a big role in my skin’s health. So, if you ever feel like you are in a rut, take a step back from your current task and de-stress. Light some candles, read a book, watch a movie, give yourself a spa day.

I hope this winter is kind to your skin. It takes time, but we all deserve healthy, clear skin. If you have any tips to combat winter skin, feel free to leave them in the comment section to help your fellow beauties. Thank you for reading! Be Beautiful & Geeky :)