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Beauty Sleep.

We all know getting a sufficient amount of sleep at night will leave us feeling revitalized, healthy, and beautiful… so why not amplify just how incredible we feel when we rise in the a.m? Your nightly skincare regimen is probably the most vital routine you will have. Cell turnover is quicker at night, therefore it’s crucial to take advantage of these hours to wake up like a beauty that you are. There are so many little things you can incorporate into your nightly regimen that will work while your snoozing. Lately, I found myself giving my skin some extra TLC and thought I would share my nightly secrets with you lovelies!

1. Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse!

 purity face cleanser cetaphil coconut oil

We know we should cleanse our faces twice a day, but the evening cleanse is by far the most important. Your face absorbs all the makeup you’ve worn throughout the day along with nasty grime, dirt and oils exposed in the air. I like to take a scoop of coconut oil and massage it over my full face of makeup, including liner and brows and watch my makeup melt away (ditch the expensive makeup and eye removers; coconut oil is cheaper and works like a charm)! I then take a wet, warm cloth and wipe away all the oil and cleanse with my gentle Cetaphil cleanser and then ONE last time with my Purity Face Wash by Philosophy. It is a lot of steps but ridding your off the chemicals and oils are very necessary in order for your moisturizers, eye creams and serums to penetrate through your skin and be effective.

2. Pillow Case Galore

Change your pillowcase every 2-3 days! I’m that girl who has more pillowcases than bed sheets. I make sure to pack extra pillowcases when traveling as well. It’s important to change/wash your case every couple of days because oils from your face & chemicals from your hair products will build up and transfer from the case to your skin resulting in clogged pores. For some extra love, throw in silk pillow cases-they prevent wrinkles and keep the moisture locked into your skin!

3. Sock Up

Cooler months have arrived and fresh, moisturized skin is in. Even though this tip is mostly used for cold, winter feet, moisturizing your rough heels is a must to rock those freshly painted toes and summer sandals too. I enjoy doing this year round. Mix in a thick cream with Vaseline/Aquaphor & massage your feet before bed, topping them off with cotton socks. You spend most of your day walking on your feet, it’s important to take care of them!

4. Humidifiers 

We tend to bring out the humidifier in the winter months when we begin to feel stuffy or congested, but did you know that humidifiers have many skin benefits? Pretty much all of my friends who come to my condo make fun of me for having a bed side humidifier…until I explain why it’s my skin’s best friend. Although we reach for our favorite moisturizer to lock in moisture, keeping a humidifier amplifies the lock in process by soothing out rough, dry and cracked skin. It also packs in moisture keeping skin nice and supple. Doesn’t that get you thinking? If a humidifier can combat dry skin, it can most definitely aids in keeping your skin plump and helps smooth out wrinkles. I keep my humidifier on high at all times-summer, winter, home or not. Be sure to keep a cold humidifier as opposed to a hot one- bacteria and fungus from hot ones can multiply resulting in illness.

5. Quench Your Thirst!

Staying hydrated and drinking water is one of the most important things we can nourish our bodies with. Having a glass of water before you go to bed helps our body replenish the fluids it loses throughout the day from normal activity. Since your body is predominantly water, you need to keep it hydrated in order for it to work correctly. Because you are not working as hard while snoozing, your body doesn’t need to excrete as many fluids. When you provide it with water before you to go bed, it simply refills its necessary levels. Not to mention, adding a lemon detoxifies the body of toxins, help clear up acne and gives you a nice glow. Drink up!

What is your favorite nighty regimen?

Love Always,


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