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Well, it’s about that time. That time where we have one foot in fall and one foot in winter; where we’re both excited for heavy knits and pompom hats, but sad to see the delicate, lacy summer pieces go. But what if I told you that didn’t have to be the case? What if  there’s a way we can style summer trends so they fit right in with the snowy, apple cider drinking months? Well hang tight- it’s true!

And the summer trend we’ll be tackling? Sheer pieces. Here are 6 ways you can dress them so they make sense in November:



1) Layer them over long sleeve dresses. One of my favorite sheer pieces this summer was the sheer prairie skirt, and I knew that it’d be easy to work with in all seasons what with the maxi length and the fullness of the skirt. One great way to translate it into late fall is to pair it with a long-sleeve dress, to give off a “covered up” feel. The long sleeves will give you warmth and make you look winter appropriate, and the long length of the skirt will mirror that feeling. And when done right, the sheer skirt actually looks like it’s part of the original dress, rather than just cleverly layered on top of it!




2) Pair them underneath overalls or jumpsuits. During the summertime, you let your sheer blouse be the statement piece in your outfit. But during the fall, you have to let it be a key player in the outfit, rather than the star. And a great way of doing that is to layer it under something, like a pair of overalls or a sleeveless jumpsuit. That way, the texture of the sheer blouse still adds interest to your look, but you have it layered and covered up for the nippier months.




3) Pair it with fall staples. Sometimes all a summer piece needs in order to work for fall is to pair it with either a) autumnal colors or b) with fall staples. In this look I took my sheer column dress and layered it over a black maxi. To bundle up, I paired it with a dark green flannel (a traditional autumnal shade) and chunky infinity scarf (is there anything more fall than a knit?) By surrounding the dress with those kind of elements, it could no longer be mistaken for an August frock.




4) Let it be an accent. Instead of trying to make the sheer item the focus of the outfit, switch gears and make it an interesting accent or detail in your look. Now that it’s time to bundle up, you can’t really let a bit of wispy lace lead the show! Instead, use it to jazz up your look. Here I took my maxi skirt and layered it on top of a floor-length column dress, using it to add a pop of interest to the minimalist look.




5) Treat it like a normal shirt. During the summer, a sheer shirt is not just a shirt. It’s something edgy, romantic, eye-catching. But during the fall, it should be used as just another layer.  Since all you’ll be seeing is the sleeves and collar, use it to layer underneath sleeveless dresses or buttoned up vests; with any item that’ll cover up your chest. This way it adds an interesting element to your look, but doesn’t give off the vibe that you forgot to check the weather report before leaving your house!




6) Style it dark. There’s a reason why we all flock towards vampy lips and all sorts of shades of grey during these cooler months. We crave a darker palette once the sun starts going down at 3:00 PM. Translate that need into your sheer outfit. Here I took a sheer summer dress and paired it with dark or heavy pieces: a dark wash denim vest, black booties, black leather backpack, dark layered necklaces, and a black hat. Paired with those elements, the dress looks like it was never even meant for summer!