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Visualize this: you do your makeup pretty early in the morning and head out to start your work day or daily activities. Because you love to always look on point, you naturally want to carry some products to do some touch-ups throughout the day. Sometimes you let the “fear”of feeling unprepared catch you off-guard, and you feel like you need to carry around in your bags most of your makeup collection in order to look good. Not a cute thing, but something I am sure many of us are guilty of.

To help myself conquer this fear, and in order to have a lighter purse, I wanted to narrow down my makeup choices and only carry along with me the products i know are truly essentials in order to keep my makeup looking flawless and fresh for the entire day. Here are the SEVEN products I chose:

Oil Absorbing Sheets: These are fundamental for all of you who have a tendency to have oily skin. It’s also important if you simply want your skin to be nice and matte.

Concealer: This is a must for any women if they want to look more fresh and “Awake” – the best way is to keep those signs of tiredness at bay and use a concealer to cover it up, just wear a creamy or liquid version and apply it on the under eye area to instantly look renewed.

Lip Balm: The ABC to fight dry and chapped lips. It is a must have step before applying any lip product if you want a more smooth and perfect finish.

Lipstick: Don’t underestimate the power of a nice colored lipstick! Most of tones of lipsticks would help you to have this beautiful complexion color and youthful look but if you want to add some color to your face, then avoid Nude shades.

Lash Curler: Another product any woman should carry all the time. I don’t know about you girls, but I believe nice, curled lashes can light up your eyes like nothing else.

Mascara: Along with the lash curler, its best friend, the Mascara, is your must have product. If you are going for a sexy look on your eyes and more open/wide eyes, this is a must.

Antibacterial: As we are always on the go, it is pretty practical to always carry with you an antibacterial, especially if you want to touch your face to apply any makeup. You need to make sure your fingers are nice, clean and bacteria-free.

These were the 7 products women should always carry in their purse in order to look perfect in our daily basis. Do you have any beauty product that is essential for you?