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If you’ve ever straightened your hair, you just might be making one of these critical mistakes that is damaging it! Be sure to take note of these 10 mistakes when straightening your hair:


  1. Don’t straighten your hair without any kind of protection. You should be applying something natural on your hair such as argan oil- it’ll work best for thick hair. This will keep your hair from getting dry and flaky.
  2. One of the worst hair straightening mistakes is using the wrong type of flat iron. For curly hair you should use a titanium one, while ceramic flat irons are best for fine and normal hair.
  3. When straightening your hair, you should be sectioning your hair correctly before reaching for the flat iron. You should make sure that your hair sections are split evenly and that they are not too thick. If you try to straighten a very thick section, then you risk having to repeat the process and damaging your hair.
  4. You should stick to a maximum of 350 degrees to get a good finish without a lot of damage to your tresses. If you go all the way up to 450 degrees then you are taking a risk with your hair.
  5. For a blow dryer, a maximum of 10 repetitions should be enough.
  6. You should apply hair products after you are done straightening. Besides using products, you can let your hair cool down and then spray a boar brush and gently comb it vertically.
  7. If you want to get your hair perfectly sleek and straight, make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are the right type! Smoothing shampoos and conditioners can help you a lot to leave your hair tangle-free.
  8. Some women make use of flat irons without making sure that the hair is completely dry. Make sure you dry your hair with a soft towel after showering.

Don’t repeat these mistakes when you are straightening your hair- you wouldn’t want to damage it!