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I have three life passions: fashion, art and traveling. In some extraordinary way, these three can be perfectly combined, and that’s what amazes me every day. Due to my profession (and hobbies) I tend to travel a lot through Europe. London, Paris, and Rome are only a few of the cities that I fell in love with the past year. One thing that I cannot forget about Europe is how well dressed the women are. They tend to perfectly combine their clothing with accessories and jewelry, and that’s why during my travels -even if I always try to look my best- I try to step out of my daily go-to looks.

First off, I don’t think there is a general truth about European fashion. You may have heard that Parisian girls always wear black and Italian girls only wear high heels and light dresses, but that’s not necessarily the truth. I have seen lots of different trends and diverse styles walking the streets, so from what I’ve experienced, here is what I believe to be consistent throughout European style:

Fist rule: Everything is about fit!

At some point I thought that all European girls’ closets were full of designer names, high heels, and the latest bags, but that’s not always the truth. I was surprised to find out that many girls wear brands like Zara, Mango, and other similar brands. But wherever they shop, they always choose pieces that fit their body perfectly, complimenting their shape.

Second rule: Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity.

The key to fitting in amongst the European fashionistas is to carefully choose timeless pieces, preferably in white, black, and blue tones. Don’t scream for attention, let the attention follow you. A simple outfit with bright, bold, colourful accessories (jewelry, scarfs, bags, shoes) is something that you should always have in your suitcase.

Third rule: Don’t over do your hair.

I can’t help but get jealous when I see effortless hair seem so perfect. Sometimes it looks like they have just gotten out of bed and still manage to look in style. If you don’t have that skill (many of us don’t) just loosely pull your hair up and start your day.

Forth rule: Show those beautiful legs of yours.

This is a very common thing to see while traveling in Europe. Even during the cold winter days you will see skirts above the knees, with tights, stockings, etc.

Fifth rule: Everything is about the shoes.

Shoes are the main element, especially in a simple outfit. Make sure to pair your look with the right shoes. During the winter season we can see ankle boots as well as thigh high boots. And as soon as the weather gets warmer, the streets are full of strappy leather sandals, flats, loafers, and casual sneakers.

Sixth rule: Keep it classic with outwear.

Trench coats and cardigans are MAJOR must-haves. These wardrobe essentials can be seen on any European fashionista on those rainy/ chilly days.

Seventh rule: NOT too much makeup.

Again, effortless looks are always the classiest. Just use the basics and add some colour with your favourite lipstick!

Eighth rule: Cool eyewear is a must.

70’s are one of the most inspiring decades when it comes to sunglasses. I’ve spotted many European girls wearing different brands with the 70’s look as the main element. Try aviators and sunglasses with pink or blue coloured lens.

Personal observations:

Skinny jeans are often combined with oversized sweaters to give your look a cozy touch.

Boyfriend jeans and graphic T-shirts paired with oversized knitted jackets are definite go-to looks.

Here are some examples :


Brunch: skinny leather pants, oversized grey sweater, tartan shirt, ankle boots, leather handbag, and natural hair.


Casual: skinny fitted jeans, knitted cardigan, ankle boots, simple sweater with a few graphic prints, and an oversized leather bag.


Eveningwear: monochrome black dress, short blazer, eye catching accessories, purple lipstic, wavy hair