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Question: How frequently should I apply full coverage foundation?

Answer: Full coverage foundation is great. It makes skin look completely flawless and sets an incredibly blank canvas for the rest of your makeup. There are cons to full coverage foundation, however. It feels heavy on the skin and it can clog pores and cause breakouts. Should full coverage foundation be an everyday product, or should it be for special occasions only?

For the answer to this question, look at the product itself. Most full coverage foundations are incredibly thick. This is how they provide their coveragethat and their high pigmentation. The thickness means that the product can get into pores and plug them up. The product then becomes hard to remove completely and leads to breakouts.

How can you prevent this problem? First off, a primer will help to create a barrier between the foundation and the skin. Press the primer into the skin and into every pore. Don’t worry about this step. Primer is easy to remove from pores! Secondly, it’s important to wash your face thoroughly after wearing a full coverage foundation. Use a Clarisonic or another type of scrubbing pad to get the makeup off. An exfoliator will also help do the trick. Third, after washing the face, use a toner or astringent, which will really get into the pores and pull everything out.

Now, on to the big question. How frequently should you apply full coverage foundations? This all depends on you skin. Full coverage foundation can wreck acne-prone skin, so it’s important to find one that doesn’t cause a huge amount of breakouts. For normal skin, full coverage foundation could be worn every day with no problems. That being said, it can tend to look cakey or just make you look like you’re wearing too much makeup. Typically, this makeup style looks overdone, so it’s best to save full coverage foundation for special events or for days when you’ve got a lot to cover up.

Full coverage foundation is a great product that can cover problem areas and create a fantastic blank canvas. Due to its acne-causing qualities, however, it should be used sparingly to avoid a heavy face and damaged skin.

What’s your favorite full coverage foundation?