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Joseline Armistead

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Best Shoes for Petite Women

There are many petite models who have great careers! Don't be discouraged just because of your size. The most important attributes in the modeling industry are ...

Joseline Armistead

Hey! I'm Joyce Armistead from, I grew up in Latin America watching mexican soap operas with gorgeous divas who would go to bed with flawless makeup and wake up dressing from Valentino. I think beauty comes from inside the person what you wear is called style. So it doesn't matter how large or small you are you can be totally beautiful. You just need to find a stile who define you. I write blogs about fashion in spanish and english in my page. I adore Maria Callas the Opera Diva. Note...the classic opera Diva!! I use to work as a makeup artist for L'oreal. Study Cosmetology in Paul Mitchell School to get my license. I'm a fashionista!