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Connie Wu

beauty tips

Great everyday beauty tips?

Question: What are a few great everyday beauty tips? Answer: Every girl wants to keep her youthful appearance for a long time. Check out these everyday bea...
perfect skin

What are some tips for oily skin?

Question: What are some tips for oily skin? Answer: Oil may be good for the hair and body, but it’s no secret that too much oil can be a royal nightmare. If ...

Eyeliner tips for monolids?

Question: Best eyeliner tips for monolids? Answer: If you have monolids, applying eyeliner may seem scary at first. You're essentially without that little cr...

Connie Wu

Growing up in New York City, I've always been exposed to a lot of crazy fashion and insane beauty remedies. I currently attend American University as a Public Communications major. At AU, I write for HerCampus magazine. I'm Sephora's most loyal fan and there's nothing more interesting to me than beauty and fashion. I frequently return back home to NYC all the time and will definitely come back permanently one day.