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Daniela Galvez

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How to Thin Out Eyebrows

While most of us struggle to fill in our eyebrows, some are gifted with the thicker variety. That being said, thick brows can have a downside. The thicker the h...
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Green Smokey Eye Tutorial

No matter the season, the green smokey eye never goes out of style. You can easily give your look a twist by adding a hint of color.  What better way to greet t...
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Why do guys hate red lipstick?

  Question: Why do guys hate red lipstick? Answer: Who doesn't love a bold red lip? They're very versatile and fit seamlessly with any outfit. Not to...
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Do comfortable heels exist?

Question: Do comfortable heels exist? Answer: Absolutely! While we have all witnessed (or been) those girls whose heels end up on their hands rather than t...

Daniela Galvez

Born and raised in small town New Jersey, I come from a loud Spanish family. I aspire to be a fashion contributor for a Spanish television network. In my free time I enjoy watching YouTube videos, movies, working on my blog and going shopping. Check out my blog.