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Emma Chapple

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Super Stylish Short Haircuts

"Long hair, don't care?" Who needs that! Short haircuts are hotter than ever, thanks to celebs like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. It's time to dispel th...
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How to Look Stylish with Little Effort

Every girl wants to look effortlessly chic. Ironically, some girls go to great lengths to get this "effortless" look. The answer is obviously much easier than t...
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How can I get rid of under-eye circles?

Question: How can I get rid of under-eye circles? Answer: These days, it seems like we're constantly on the run. Who has time for sleep, right? Unfortunately...
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Are outlet stores totally worth it?

Question: Are outlet stores totally worth it? How do they compare to the real thing? Answer: My answer is yes, yes, and yes! Outlet shopping is totally worth...
summer skincare routine

What’s a good summer skincare routine?

Question: What's a good summer skincare routine? Answer: When it comes to your summer skincare routine, the major detail you need to remember is SPF! It's ti...

Emma Chapple

Hi, I'm Emma! I write the blog My Beautiful Messy Life about my life as a young woman with chronic illness. I'm a pretty big beauty buff, with an affinity for Benefit and anything Disney-themed.