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Krystal Baptiste

Cateye Tips for Beginners

I am a cateye noob. I attempted to try this look on many occasions, and it never works out. The wing is either too high, too low, raccoon eyes, or every small t...

Top 6 Beauty Hacks

Beauty is filled with new experiments and techniques to help make life easier, or simply advance your makeup artistry skills. New trends are emerging everyday. ...

Eco Friendly Fashion

Earth Day come and gone, but that does not mean we have to stop being Eco-friendly. We can all continue to practice good Eco-Friendly habits. Starting with fash...
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How to Start a Fashion and Beauty Blog

The life of a blogger is pretty fun. They receive invitations to fashion and beauty events, try the latest products, meet new people, and so on. But, the job is...
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What should I wear to a Skrillex concert?

Question: What should I wear to a Skrillex concert? Answer: Can I just say that I am absolutely a huge fan of Skrillex?! My top favorites songs are Rock n' Ro...
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How can I make my lips look fuller?

Question: How can I make my lips look fuller? Answer: Invest in a lip plumper for bigger, fuller lips. Lip plumping products contain ingredients such as pepp...

Krystal Baptiste

I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger at My blog concentrates on beauty, fashion and styling, lifestyle and health, literature, and geek culture.