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Nikki Monte

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Pros and Cons of Gel and Acrylic Nails

THE DIFFERENCE between gel and acrylic Gel nails are created by curing gel nail polish under an L.E.D. light, which hardens the gel. You can get a gel manicure...
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Nina Garcia’s Quarterly Box: My Thoughts

There is a huge market for subscription services targeted to numerous interests that range from fashion, to cooking, to nail polish. It's important to research ...
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How can I avoid clumpy mascara?

Question: How can I avoid clumpy mascara? Answer: This is one of those beauty speed bumps that’s going to take a little trial-and-error to get over. Everyone...
woman exfoliating

How should I exfoliate?

Question: How should I exfoliate? Answer: Warm weather is all about shorts and crop tops, and you know what that means: it's time to slough off that dead ski...
karlie kloss hair

How can I avoid a bad haircut?

Question: How can I avoid a bad haircut? Answer: There’s a reason the contestants on America’s Next Top Model burst into tears when Tyra springs a drastic ...
Nikki Monte

Nikki Monte

Fashion + beauty writer. Star Wars nerd. Zombie enthusiast. Connoisseur of weird things.