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Olivia Land

breaking in shoes

Breaking In Shoes: In a Nutshell

  Photo: striatic Ah, yes. That age-old question: How in the world do you break in new shoes without damaging your feet? Alright, here's how to g...
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How to Remix Your Wardrobe

Have you ever opened the doors of your closet and found that your wardrobe leaves you...uninspired? I know I have more often then I care to admit. Chances are, ...
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Ship Chic: What to Wear to a Yacht Club

Throughout the summer months, people begin to migrate more and more towards yacht clubs. It seems that, from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend, they are a ...
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What do I pair mint with?

Question: What do I pair mint with? Answer: These days, the color mint is everywhere. It seems as if you cannot open a single magazine without seeing a color...

Olivia Land

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