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Zarah Kavarana

makeup for the gym

What’s the best makeup for the gym?

Question: What's the best makeup for the gym? Answer: A few months ago I decided to make some changes. I started working out regularly, eating healthy food...

Zarah Kavarana

I’m a lipstick hoarder and Nutella enthusiast, living and learning in Boston, Massachusetts. As a journalism major, I have aspirations of someday writing for the beauty section of a women’s magazine, allowing me to live my life-long dream of experimenting with the latest beauty and makeup trends and sharing tips and recommendations with others. I love how beauty can be used as a sort of common ground between women—breaking down social, cultural, and racial barriers to join us all in the hunt for the most pigmented peach blush, the most long lasting liquid foundation, and the most fabulous and flirty mascara. From how-to’s to product reviews, I've got you covered!