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Question: What’s the best back-to-school makeup look?


Know who you are and let that be your guide!

It’s always exciting to go back to school after a long summer break, especially if some of your friends haven’t seen you in a while. Do you look different, feel more unique, more in your element or mature? Makeup is a fun way to express yourself as you enter the exciting new year of school relationships, activities and fun! Maybe you want to show off your sun-kissed skin, your new on-trend look or even surprise everyone with your understated makeUNDER!

If you’re going for a minimalist approach, opt for makeup like clear mascara and brow powder combined with a great gel cheek and lip stain. Try Ofra Liquid Blush and Elizabeth Mott’s Tints & Sass Lip Tint. Your look will be clean and polished as well as timeless.

If you’re more of a trendsetter, liquid liner is key this season. Have fun by using a colored liner instead of black for a flirty, fun look that won’t push you over to the goth side. The look below is a definite commitment (tres cool though!), but if you eliminate the color on the lower lash line, the look will be much less intense and still speak to the trend. Tarina Tarantino makes some fun shades in her Eyelicity Glitter Liner.

Matte lips are a now-must for any beauty lover, and this will keep your look modern. Try a great nude or bold color from Mica Beauty’s Mineral Lipstick Matte collection.

Show off and extend that latent summer tan by applying silky Vincent Longo Golden Goddess Powder made from a kaleidoscope of multi-golden pearls:

Whatever you’re feeling, remember that you don’t have to be in the cast of Glee to commit to a look. Choose what you like, and skip what you don’t. Knowing who you are and what you want is the most attractive face you can ever put on.

– T. Sammarco

Senior Beauty Editor for Wantable