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What are the best beauty subscription boxes?

Answer: There is a new trend storming the beauty world: subscription boxes. This new trend is perfect for people who want to experiment with beauty products without spending too much money trying things out. Monthly beauty subscription boxes are all the rage—from one of the original beauty boxes, Birchbox, to multi millionaire YouTube guru Michelle Phan creating her own beauty box, there are so many out there.

What it is: A monthly box sent to your doorstep, filled with beauty products. For most of these companies, you fill out a profile beforehand, so the beauty experts behind the scenes knows exactly what products will work for you. After all, everyone is unique in their own way.

One of the first beauty boxes (and, arguably, one of the best) is Birchbox. Founded by two Harvard business women in 2010, it has been growing rapidly since day 1. Each month, you’re sent a wide variety of beauty products, ranging from eyeliners to hairbands. Birchbox has also been known to sneak in a few treats in their boxes. When you open your beauty box and find a pretzel treat, it makes for a really pleasant surprise. Usually the boxes comes with deluxe samples, but occasionally they will throw in full size products. And if you like the samples, you can easily purchase each item in their shop. Birchbox seems to know exactly what they are doing. The best part? It’s only 10 dollars per month!

Another really popular beauty subscription box is ipsy. Started by YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan, this box is everything a teenage girl could ask for. It comes with a little makeup bag every month, and did we mention it’s themed? On top of all this, it’s a whopping 10 bucks every month. They usually send more full size products than Birchbox and they have a point system. The more friends you invite and reviews you leave, the more points you score. Points will get you free products. Their website also offers video tutorials, so you’ll be truly in-the-know. With each product, there’s almost always a coupon code to use when you’re ready to buy a product online.

Another cool beauty box is Glossybox. It’s a bit more expensive compared to ipsy or Birchbox, and runs for $21 a month. So, what makes it worth it? Glossybox contains more high-end products, and also has the nicest packaging of all the beauty subscription boxes. Since they are overseas, they also often include luxurious international brands.

Also consider BeautyArmy, who actually lets you pick out your own products. They first give you a list of products they plan to send you, and if you prefer something else, then you have the power to switch it out. For $12/month, what’s not to love?

If you’re vegan, check out Beauty Box 5. All items are cruelty-free and fabulous.

There’s a beauty box out there for everyone! Which one is your favorite?