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Question: What are the best blush brands for pigmentation?

Answer: Blush is a life-saver when you’re looking for that Superwoman glow. I love using bronzer and a quality blush on those sleep-deprived days, to add instant life back into my face. If you’re the type of lady who likes to protect her skin with sunscreen, then chances are, blush is your trusty sidekick.

But hold up. There are so many blushes out there—how are we supposed to separate the good from the bad? There’s nothing more dissatisfying than splurging on a new blusher, only to find out that it’s all wrong.

We’re going to save some time for you. If you’re a no-nonsense gal who doesn’t have the time for trial and error, then check out these brands who offer the most amazing pigmentation:

PS: I’m not going to BS you here and give you a list of 10 brands. I’m kind of an elitist when it comes to blush, and only these 2 brands have genuinely impressed me with their pigmentation:


You really can’t go wrong with a blush by NARS. The pigmentation is absolutely stunning, and their blush is regularly raved about by top industry bloggers. Oh, and all of our writers are crazy about NARS blush. Amour, Dolce Vita, Gilda, Gina and Zen are just a few among the many matte options.



If you’re a fan of superior pigmentation + matte, then it’s about time you tried Illamasqua. You’ll be like, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!”.  Okay, maybe that’s just how I reacted. But either way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their range of color and pigmentation. Oh, and they also offer a lovely selection of cream blushers if that’s your thing.

  • tessa

    wonderful list!