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I love drugstore products. I primarily shop at the drugstore because I can stretch my money further, which I really appreciate. Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite drugstore products that are definitely just as good, if not better than the high-end products I would kill to have! Check these out at your local drugstore!

1. Maybelline Color Tattoos — $4, Target

These are one of my holy grail products. These little guys are similar to MAC Paint Pots in the sense that they are a cream eyeshadow that will never crease and make colors appear vibrant. They increase the wear of eyeshadows as well, which is an added bonus. I’m a huge fan of Barely Branded as an eyeshadow base because it is a nude color that is like glue to eyeshadows, but comes off when you want it to. I also love Pomegranate Punk to create a gorgeous blown-out smoky eye in a beautiful plum color. These are definitely one of the best drugstore products available, so get your hands on them now!

2. elf Liquid Eyeliners — $1,

These are the only liquid eyeliners I use. They’re dirt cheap but they work incredibly well and come in a variety of colors. I’m in love with how they work and I love how easy it is to create a winged eyeliner look using the flexible tip. I’m obsessed with the color Plum to add a tint of purple to any eyeshadow look. Try these out! They’re amazing!

3. Revlon Lash Potion Mascara — $5, Target

I’ve raved about this mascara way too much, but it deserves all the attention I give it. This is the best do-it-all mascara I’ve ever used, and I’m a complete mascara junkie. I love this mascara to death, and I will take it with me to the grave! Try this out for amazing length and volume. I love that it’s a drugstore product because I can stock up on them! Not going to lie, I have three.

4. Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation & Powder — Foundation: $5, ULTA ; Powder: $4, Walmart

I decided to combine these into the same product because they’re from the same line and they’re both amazing. The foundation is an awesome full-coverage, mousse-like foundation, and it’s awesome for anyone who loves a matte finish (or someone like me who used to love dewy, but got hooked on matte because of this foundation!). I love the powder for every-day wear, and I reach for it more than my high-end powders, quite honestly. Try these products out. They’re crazy awesome!

5. NYX HD Concealer Wand — $5, ULTA

If I haven’t talked about this drugstore product enough, I’m so sorry. It’s amazing. It’s my favorite concealer, topping my MAC PLW! I’m kind of in love with this concealer. I have the second lightest shade and it’s amazing for highlighting, and it covers my undereye circles really well, and they’re horrible. It’s also cry-proof, which I love! This concealer is great for anyone looking for a fantastic concealer for any use! Check it out!

6. Rimmel London Natural Bronzer — $4, Walmart

This is by far my favorite bronzer of all time. I reach for this more than NARS Laguna, more than NYC Sunny, and honestly, more than any other bronzer I own. It can contour or bronze. It’s amazingly versatile. I love the tone—it’s not too brown, and not too orange. It’s just the perfect color to create a warm glow to the face, and it looks good on everyone I’ve put it on! I love this stuff, and I’m sure you will too. Check out this product at your local drugstore!

7. Milani Baked Blushes — $8, Walgreens

Finally, we have these gems. They’re amazing! They come in a bunch of different colors and all of them are beautifully pigmented! They’re slightly shimmery but have no glitter or chunky sparkle. They’re amazingly beautiful on the face. I love the way they look, and I love the price on them! Check these blushes out if you’re looking for something to give you that gorgeous flush. I guarantee these will do the trick!

There are seven of my favorite drugstore products! What are some of your favorites?