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In a world flooded with fashion blogs, it can be hard to find just the right one for you. I’m here to help. As a fashion blogger myself, I’ve searched high and low for inspirational blogs and bloggers that anyone can relate to. So, here are my picks for the top five best fashion blogs:

1. Atlantic Pacific

Atlantic Pacific is the “Personal style and fashion blog of Blair Eadie.” Blair is described as “a lover of all things colorful, chic, preppy and printed.” This is my favorite fashion blog of all. While she usually features pieces that are way out of my price range, I simply ADORE her style! Hey, a girl can dream.

2. Sea of shoes

This blog also features very high end products. But follow it for seriously to-die-for fashion.

3. Paris in four months

Okay so this isn’t strictly a fashion blog, but you would be missing out on some real beauty if I didn’t tell you about it. With elements of fashion, romance, and the glamorous city of Paris, it’s every girl’s fantasy. LOVE IT!

4. Man Repeller

This blog highlights approachable, fun, and easy style for everyone.

5. Life in style

Of course, I have to add my own fashion blog to the list because, well, I love it. It features easy, affordable fashion for all girls!

And there you have it: a great starting place for your new favorite blogs!

What’s your favorite fashion blog?