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Question: What is the best makeup for a baby face?

Answer: Having a baby face or a more youthful look compared to other girls your age can be a tad bit frustrating. Every girl goes through the stage where she wants to ditch her inner Baby Spice and opt for a more Posh Spice look. It’s inevitable. When you’re younger, you tend to use many different shades of lighter hues and pastels in your makeup routine—and these color palettes may tend to give off a more youthful look. But just because you should stray away from lighter hues doesn’t mean you need to go all Lorde and completely darken the lipstick  hues in your collection. Instead, vouch for a red lip. Looking more mature isn’t just about changing your makeup routine—it requires a shift in attitude as well; a sense of heightened confidence. Notice that many women who tend to wear bold red lips often have all the confidence in the world. From Angelina to Rihanna to Beyoncé, these powerful women tend to sport more daring makeup. A bold vibrant lip color shows you like to take risks and stand out.

Once you’ve worked a bold lip into your makeup routine, try playing with eyeliner. A bold, striking cat eye will not only give you a more mature look, but you’ll also be feeling as a fierce as a feline! When you have a baby face, sometimes your appearance may give you a more shy or reserved look. When playing with a cat eye, it brings more attention to your eyes.  It invites people to make direct eye contact. Being able to hold eye contact with others ups your maturity levels instantly—making others see you in a more serious and mature light.

So, show your maturity through a few bold and daring makeup tricks. A bold lip color and a fierce eye liner will do just the trick!