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Question: What are your best makeup tips?

Answer: When I saw this question, so many tips popped into my head. But since it’s asking for my best, I thought I would round up my best 3 makeup tips!


Tip #1: Prepping the skin is super important before putting on a base like foundation, BB cream or powder. I like to clean my face first with a gentle cleanser, then go in with a toner. Make sure to moisturize well (so there are no dry spots where your foundation might stick). The better your first layer of foundation looks, the better your finished look will be.

Tip #2: My next makeup tip: less is more, especially when it comes to face products! It’s much easier to add more later than to remove. I like to put a thin layer of foundation on first, then go in with my concealer (just in the places where I really need it). Then I add a bit of powder to the places I know get oily. After that, I layer on my bronzer, blush and highlighter. You want to be careful when it comes to your face products—your face is the first thing people really look at, so stick with the motto ‘less is more’ and you won’t end up with cakey makeup!

Tip#3: Blend. Blend your foundation into your skin and down your neck. Blend your bronzer, blush and highlighter. Blend your eyeshadow. Harsh edges never look good (unless you’re going for a cut crease or winged liner). Use a clean brush to do this so you don’t have to add any additional product. Blending will make your makeup look as natural as possible…trust me!

I hope this helped! If you want anymore tips, you can visit my blog Breakfast at Vogue