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Can I pull off a bob haircut?

Answer: Chopping off all of your hair can be a really scary, intimidating thought. As women, we love our long, lovely locks. It takes an especially confident and stylish individual to be able to rock a bob. And even then, it may not be the right cut for your face. Be sure to put a lot of thought into your decision before making such a drastic change.

If you do decide the bob is a good look for you, the next step is picking the perfect length. I’m a big believer in making sure it is shorter than “the awkward length.” Translation: your cut needs to be just above the shoulders if you want to avoid looking like a 5-year-old (in most cases). At the salon, consider also adding texture to your hair for some edgy dimension. The stylist will know what to do if you ask for this. It’ll take the simplicity out of the haircut, and it’s a great way to add some fun to bobs.

There are a few ways to wear a bob, but most importantly, the back ends need to be dealt with regardless of the style you choose to rock. Blow dry or use a flat iron to tuck it under or straight down, to avoid the ends flipping outward like every 90’s pop star. It’s so easy having short hair, but it needs to look good at all times to avoid this problem.

Want a stylish, chic look? Create beachy waves. For normally wavy or straight hair, I recommend using Bumble and Bumble Surf shampoo and conditioner. If the weather is warm, let it dry naturally in the sun. Otherwise, use a diffuser to dry the hair. Afterwards, apply Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to achieve beachy, effortless waves.

You could also go for the straight and sleek look—it’s perfect for work occasions or a night out. For ultra-straight hair, simply use a flat iron. This professional, polished look will last all day long.

Would you rock a bob haircut?