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Question: What to wear with boyfriend jeans?

Answer: Boyfriend jeans are like the more socially acceptable form of pajama jeans (please spare everyone and stay far, far away from that “trend”). They’re super comfortable and exude a very relaxed look, but when dressed-up with certain pieces, you can look totally polished in no time. Boyfriend jeans don’t just come in the super slouchy form that some brands put out—you can also find them in more figure-hugging silhouettes.

One way to wear boyfriend jeans? Dress them up with a blazer. Blazers can pull virtually any outfit together, but with a pair of ripped and faded boyfriend jeans you have the best of both worlds: sophisticated and casual. The shirt you choose underneath can either be a loose-fitting vintage tee or dolman top, or you might choose to continue with the classy vibe and go for a dressy cami or chiffon tank.

Boyfriend jeans have an air of preppy-ness to them, so why not have fun with that sentiment and pair them with a crew-neck sweater and some flats or Mary Jane’s?

You don’t have to stick solely to the prep trend, however. Boyfriend jeans can be totally sexy, too. When shopping for the perfect jeans for a sexier look, the baggier the better (think Harem pants). Add a loose, off-the-shoulder cropped top and some classic pumps for a Rhianna-inspired look.

Boyfriend jeans can be worn virtually every season, but for those chilly months (like now—hello, freezing rain and way too much precipitation), pick a pair that’s more form-fitting, almost like boot-cut jeans, and roll the ankles. Next, throw in a pair of combat boots, a baggy sweater, and an infinity scarf for a cute and practical look.

For Spring, try a button down with a boxy silhouette or a loose and sexy chiffon button down, and half-tuck the shirt into your jeans. You can add a belt if you wish, but going without is totally acceptable for this look, especially should you choose the chiffon number.

The beauty of boyfriends (I’m talking about the pants!) is that they can be dressed up or down. When it comes to accessories, you have complete free reign. I personally like to keep my jewelry a little whimsical when wearing boyfriend jeans and tend to go with a big, chunky, colorful statement necklace or a large face watch.

The possibilities are endless, so have fun with this look and you’re bound to get it right!