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Question: Is bra visibility tacky?

Answer: I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say that a girl’s bra shouldn’t be visible. But just like most subjects, there is not just one correct answer! The truth is that it’s up to you. It’s in the palm of your hands — tacky outcome or not.

It’s highly important to separate sexy from tacky. There is nothing wrong with a woman feeling and looking sexy, but the line is very thin and it’s easy to cross it. It isn’t about the cost of your clothes; it’s the way you style them.

I wish I could say that it’s 100% OK to show your bra, but this is just not the case. Unfortunately, it is easy to come across as provocative, even if this was not what you were going for. Keep in mind that material matters as well. There are some bras that are simply not designed to be “displayed in public”. Also, if your bra cup is more than a B, then you should think twice before you leave the house with it fully visible.

I’m not only talking about strap visibility here. Although some people think of that as wrong too. The key is to try and make it look like it was intentional — like you wanted to show your straps, the top your bra or even the entire thing for the sake of style. In order to do that, you need to make sure that is in a good condition and fits you perfectly. Revealing too much or ending up with serious side-fat flashes are most definitely not what you’re looking for. I would also suggest staying away from sheer material and animal prints. Plus, lace immediately makes people think of sexy lingerie even if it’s just a simple top or a dress. Opt for material and patterns that will give the impression that they are not a bra.

Another thing you need to know is that there are bras specially designed to be visible. Bandeaus with fun prints, straps with interesting colors/patterns/textures, and even bras like the ones in the photos from The Crystal Bra. You can also purchase straps separately and attach them to your initial bra. If none of the above works for you, then you may want to consider the amazing designs by Victoria’s Secret, as they are designed to be visible to the crowd.

Who said that you can’t be chic when your bra is showing? Take a look at these gorgeous looks in the photos. What do they teach you? Show your bra only when you’ve got everything else covered. Use it as a way to lighten up your look and make it more interesting and fun. What better way to brighten up a strict, polished look than a sparkly or a colorful bra?

So, if you want to show your bra, then I say go for it! You can totally pull this off while still looking chic and stylish. It’s completely up to you. One last thing: always remember that there is more to a look than just the clothes and accessories. Your attitude matters just as much.

Follow this advice and you will have no fear. After all, who still believes in taboo-subjects like this anymore? It’s really OK, just don’t do it at work!