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Question: What shoes should I pair with a short brown bridesmaid dress?

Answer: It’s hard to know exactly what shoes would go best with your bridesmaid dress without a picture and more information about the wedding, but I’ve chosen some general options to tailor to your needs!

Strappy & metallic high-heeled sandals

These Aldo heels look great when paired with richer shades of brown. I love metallic pieces because the color of your clothing will reflect back onto them, making it look as though they were made solely to match what you’re wearing.

Nude pumps

Nude pumps are classic and sexy — plus, and they go with so many outfits. This peep toe version would look great with a brown dress.

Cowboy boots

Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots…but contrary to the Garth Brooks song, showing up in boots will not ruin a black tie affair! I live in Tennessee, and it’s not uncommon for bridesmaids to wear cowboy boots (In fact, I’ll be wearing them with a pink chiffon dress for a wedding next weekend!). Cowboy boots are great because they’re flat, so you won’t have to stand through an entire wedding reception in a pair of spiky heels.

Jack rogers sandals

As soon as it’s warm enough outside to wear sandals, I’m wearing my Jacks. I think this patterned pair would look great with most shades of brown — and it’s definitely more comfortable than wearing heels.

I hope that my suggestions have helped you out, but if not, feel free to comment or contact me directly with more information. Best of luck with your wedding endeavor!