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Brushes and combs: they’re the equivalent of apples are oranges. There are so many different types of tools, each designed for a specific purpose. When I think of combs, an image of the regular wide tooth variety pops into my head. It wasn’t until I paid a visit to Sally’s Beauty Salon that I discovered all the various kinds of combs and brushes. The main difference between a comb and a brush? A comb is typically used to make your hair tangle-free, whereas a brush is used to distribute the natural oils of your hair evenly. Here are the basic brushes and combs you should know about: 

Combs: A Further Inspection

A rat tail comb is a comb with a sectioning tool on the end. It’s used to section parts of your hair and make them easier to style. Some also like to use rat tail combs to tease the hair, which entails lifting a section of hair and combing it from the back vigorously. Rat tail combs make it easier to part your hair, especially when you’ve just stepped out of the shower with tangled, soaking wet strands.

A wide tooth comb has wide teeth, which are perfect for untangling hair. It can be used on wet or dry hair. Since the teeth are far apart, there’s a minimal chance of damage if you’re working with wet hair.

Brushes: A Further Inspection

A paddle brush, also known as a rectangular brush, is used to straighten and smooth out the hair. A paddle brush goes hand in hand with a blow dryer. Typically, one blow dries with the nozzle facing the hair, and then brushes the hair out with a paddle brush. The rectangular platform makes for even distribution of oils as well!

Vent brushes have small holes in them, which are intended to create volume. This brush also adds a bit of curl to your hair, given the nature of its teeth.

There are many more brushes and combs out there. Probably not as many as there are Essie nail polish shades, but you get the point! These are the best of the basic brushes and combs that you need for your hair. I find that I tend to reach for my wide tooth comb the most because it’s the most versatile. Find what works best for your hair!

What are some of your favorite hair tools?