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Question: What are some cute business professional coats for the office?

Answer: Office jobs can be very limiting as far as fashion is concerned, and it’s easy to get stuck when determining what is office-appropriate (and what definitely is not). When it comes to coats, the secret is to make sure your coat has a great fit and is clean-cut. Translation: a classic peacoat.

Above are three great peacoats that will keep you warm and looking professional—without breaking the dress code. I highly suggest sticking to either gray, camel, black, or navy to keep you looking put-together. Not only are these colors work-appropriate, but they will also complement any outfit you choose to pair with it (even off the clock). It is also important that you don’t buy one that is too big since coats can very easily swallow you up, leaving you looking sloppy. A princess-seamed coat without tons of buckles and pockets-like the coats pictured above-are super flattering to all shapes and give a sleek, classy silhouette that’s perfect for the office.

When it comes to coats with fur, just remember that there can always be too much of a good thing—so don’t go overboard. A basic fur collar in a natural color (like the camel one above) is perfectly acceptable, but a big gaudy fur hood and cuffs or fur in a fluorescent shade looks very tacky and is definitely inappropriate for the office.

When worn to the office, a coat will not only keep you warm, but it will also really pull your outfit together and give you a polished look. The secret? Find one with a great fit, and don’t forget to choose a timeless, basic color.