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Question: How can I get Mad Men-inspired makeup?

Answer: AMC’s Mad Men is one of the network’s most successful original series, and for many good reasons: excellent writing, a good-looking cast, and most importantly, their impeccable recreation of ’60s makeup and fashion trends. Each week, the ladies of Mad Men have graced our television screens with their cinched waists, beehive hair and blood red lips. With the series finale coming up in April, it’s only right that we pay homage to Peggy Olsen, Betty Draper and Joan Harris by recreating their signature looks.

Peggy Olson (played by actress Elisabeth Moss), is a young, ambitious copywriter at an advertising firm. Peggy’s makeup look mimics her age: clean, natural and fresh. To achieve this look, Mad Men makeup artist Lana Horochowski uses MAC’s pressed blot powder, natural cheek and lip stains and neutral colored eye shadows.

Christina Hendricks’ character, Joan Harris, is perhaps the most highly recognized character from the cast of Mad Men. Her killer curves, impeccable wardrobe and glamorous eyes make her appear as though the casting director time traveled back to the 1960’s and plucked her from an office to appear in the show. Joan’s look requires a bit more maintenance than Peggy’s  look, so Horochowski uses liquid liner, strip lashes and dark, sultry shadows.

Betty Draper, brought to life by actress January Jones, combines the best of both looks from Peggy and Joan. Because Betty is a housewife, she can often be seen in little-to-no makeup like Peggy, but can get dolled up for outings like Joan. For her scenes at home, Horochowski gives Jones a light foundation and a small swipe of liquid liner. For her evening look, she vamps it up a bit with thicker liner on the lid and some bright colored lipstick that coordinates with her outfits.

Whether you want Peggy’s clean, natural look or Joan and Betty’s dramatic evening looks, the makeup tricks from Mad Men can be easily replicated. For a classic cat eye, sweep a gel liner on eyelids using a brush. For some extra oomph, add some false lashes. Swapping out your shimmery lip gloss for a matte lipstick in coral or red will give you an intriguing retro look. Lastly, opt for a creamy blush for a long-lasting flushed look.

For the past seven seasons, Mad Men has captivated its viewers with awesome story lines, interesting characters and the perfect reincarnation of ’60s trends. We’ll miss the gorgeous women in the office of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but at least we can steal their beauty secrets!

  • Amy c.

    Love Betty’s minimalistic (but beautiful) makeup