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Question: What are a few eyebrow basics?

Answer: Since your eyebrows are a defining characteristic of your face, they can frame your eyes beautifully. The length, arch, width and angles of your brows can enhance the natural beauty of your face, and it’s easy to become well versed with the various techniques of how to shape and define your brows for a stunning look.

There are four significant details to your brow: the arch, length, thickness and angle. The arch of an eyebrow is the highest point and brings focus to your gorgeous eyes. The length of your eyebrow is important to maintain in order to perfectly frame your eyes. How thick your brows should be is completely dependent upon your face shape and size. Lastly, the angles of your eyebrow are important to make your face look as symmetrical as possible. For example, the highest point of the arch should be aligned with your pupil (see below).

Depending on your budget and availability, you can opt to pluck your own eyebrows by investing in a quality pair of tweezers. If this is the case, assess the natural shape of your brow, and pluck the stray hairs underneath in order to find your best shape. If you’d rather leave it up to a professional, looking up good reviews on Yelp for different salons and spas can lead you to excellent cosmetologists, aestheticians and threaders.

Once your brows are cleaned up, an excellent all-in-one tool is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil. This brow pencil comes in a variety of shades and even includes a brow brush on the end. I am particularly loyal to this pencil, as it lasts for months at a time and is excellent for filling in spaces and creating natural lines.

If you are new to shaping your eyebrows, it only takes a few short weeks to become familiar with this new routine. Ultimately, these tips will help you master your favorite looks, whether you are aiming for natural or glamorous. With the right guidance and consistent effort, maintaining a beautiful shape for your brows will accentuate every look (and is one of the most simple ways to enhance your natural beauty)!